SLS Production Launched a New Product ‘Ultra – Tri-Fold’

SLS Production Launched a New Product 'Ultra – Tri-Fold'

SLS Production Launched a New Product ‘Ultra – Tri-Fold’

SLS Production launched their new product Ultra Tri-Fold. The main components of the UTF Roof system are constructed of steel as the roof system is aimed at the higher load capacity segment.

What need in the market does the UTF address

With an abundance of material availability in the global market right now. The Cutting Edge of the Ultra Tri-Fold allows for easy width changes using the basics of simply adding or removing a main truss for width alterations without having to bring in major component changes.

The Ultra Tri-Fold roof is designed around the 2072 ringlock scaffold dimensions that have been most commonly found in the entertainment industry for the past three decades. The system has been designed to be deployed in multiple widths and goal post configurations. Hence this makes one of a kind and one-stop solution.

How is the system constructed?

The main component of the roof system is constructed of steel because for longevity. The design is based on two ladder trusses with a hinge top connection. Giving us top chords for higher compression resistance.
The roof system is completely customizable to suit the individual needs of a particular client or event.

What are the other benefits of the system?

With its customizable traits, the Ultra Tri-Fold is totally adaptable and designed for markets with higher load capacities. The ability to customize the width and depth is what makes the Ultra Tri-Fold roof unique. The new system will offer a unique product in this ever-changing industry.

The massive increase in demand from the Saudi Arabian market, combined with our company’s expertise and knowledge in the industry has convicted us at SLS Production to open this new division, Super Structure Equipment LLC, in order to focus on large-scale structures such as truss roof systems, scaffolding installation, super structures, dome and large tents for a variety of events.


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