SLS Production Expands Inventory by Adding New Rigging Tools

SLS Production Expands Inventory by Adding New Rigging Tools

SLS Production Expands Inventory by Adding New Rigging Tools

SLS Production Middle East expands its inventory by adding new tools to its production inventory from Kinesys and Litec. The company welcomed a new set of automation kits and track system seeding to a significant expansion to their Rigging department.

  • Apex Hoist
  • Litec – DST52 – Track Truss
  • D8plus Ultra — The Most Compact Chain Hoist

The Apex hoist: The Apex hoist range offers both 500kg (1200lb) and 1250kg (2750lb) options. The hoists have maximum speeds of 500mm/s (100ft/min) and 200mm/s (40ft/min) respectively in compact packages while still maintaining the highest safety standards suitable for movement over people and in show situations. Completely silent brakes across the range along with the ability to ‘hover’ allow the use of the Apex system in environments where chain hoists previously may not have been appropriate. Ultra-smooth movement resulting from precision speed and position control makes the most complex and graceful geometric movements a possibility.

Litec – DST52 – Track Truss: Litec – DST52 – Track Truss The standard in track truss is fast to assemble and easy to stack, making it perfect for touring. Combines with MSA Touring dolly which gives you a flexible and easy build. The system can be used in various applications to move, lift, and turn LED screens, scenery, and projectable panels. DST52 comes in 1000 & 3000mm straight sections painted black and can be stacked 6 high on a dolly.

D8plus Ultra — The Most Compact Chain Hoist: The new D8plus Ultra 500kg & 1000kgs is particularly noteworthy. Its weight and dimensions compare to the previous D8plus. In order to achieve the required static safety factor of 8:1, a 5.4x15mm sectional steel chain is used, which is driven by a specially manufactured chain wheel. The motor has a low power requirement of only 0.4kw. In addition, the level of standard protection has been increased to IP55, with an optional IP66 version available for brand-new units.


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