Howard Martin Letch Joins SLS Production Middle East as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Howard Martin Letch

Howard Martin Letch Joins SLS Production Middle East as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dubai, UAE – SLS Production Middle East proudly announces the appointment of Howard Martin Letch as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). With over three decades of extensive experience in Event Management and a robust technical background, Howard brings invaluable expertise to the organization.

Before joining SLS Production Middle East, Howard held key positions in renowned global events, including Formula 1 and FIFA Club World Cup. His profound understanding of sporting events across the whole of the Middle East, particularly in the realm of Live TV Broadcasting, has garnered him widespread recognition in the industry.

Throughout his career, Howard has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management skills, overseeing various functional areas with finesse. His portfolio boasts an impressive array of accomplishments, including managing Car Launches for prestigious brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini in Kuwait, organizing the Saudi Cycling Tour, and orchestrating the Camel Racing Cup in KSA. Additionally, Howard has served as the Technical Lead for the UAE Pavilion, showcasing his versatility and proficiency across diverse disciplines.

A true advocate for teamwork, Howard is deeply committed to fostering a collaborative environment where the needs of both colleagues and suppliers are prioritized. His dedication to safety is unwavering, evidenced by his qualifications in Health and Safety and his proactive approach to ensuring a secure working environment for all.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Howard is an avid Scuba diving enthusiast and a certified instructor. His diverse interests also extend to activities such as watching movies, fishing, indulging in motorsports, and exploring his culinary talents through cooking.

Howard Martin Letch’s appointment signifies an exciting chapter in the journey of SLS Production Middle East, as the company continues its commitment to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction.


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