21 Years of Industry Expertise

20 Years of Being UAE's Leading Solutions Provider for Events

21 Years of Being UAE’s Leading Solutions Provider for Events

Being 21 years in operations, catering to UAE’s events of the Largest production requirement; from the grandiose setup of the most intimate weddings, biggest product launch and sought after Concerts, SLS has established itself as the Industry Leader.
When asked about how the company is able to hold its ground of being a Market Leader, Managing Director Martin Luiz shares a few pointers that any Event Management Organizer might find useful.

5 essentials in Events Production

As shared by SLS Production, UAE’s leading Solutions Provider for Events.


Having been in operations for so long, we’ve worked with so many individual all from a mix of race & background. We realized that when individual talents & skills are honed well it brings success stories for every project. Our promise of Effective & Efficient Executions hails from our team, a reason why we value them so much.


As a company that is accredited in ISO Standard for Health & Safety and Quality Management, SLS continually trains the team members in proper execution & use of technology. This is to bring about a strategic & systematic approach to the operations.


Finishing the job is mandatory, but as to how it is delivered tells a different story. This means putting first standards in operations. Being up to date with the latest top of the line equipment & the technology is one of our pursuits that’s why we are always working on broadening our inventory of the best equipment & technology.


SWOT might be an overly used evaluation in the world of business but it has been proven for us to be an effective exercise. We’ve always had a watchful eye as to how we deliver our projects & how others do it. Looking into Industry trends and considering how to innovate is one thing that we always consider.


In the events industry, execution is evaluated in nominal value but it’s the experience that’s considered as a matrix of success. Our vision & goal is to always deliver events that have an impact, ones that are worthwhile turning attendance into an experience. 

Being customer focused, SLS Production honed itself to be a company of Industry Expertise, Acquiring Innovative Equipment & State of the art Technology making it an Industry Leader.

Established in 1997, it is the longest running Events Production Company in UAE.


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