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Services & Equipments

Top of the line technology & industry expertise.
Taking your vision translated to the next level with flawless executions.
audio Services & Equipment

Audio Systems

Live with every beat, harness every information, mellow down to every tune. Get the total Event Experience, hear the roar of success with state of the art Sound
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lights Services & Equipments

Lighting Services

Marvel the brilliance of each performance, every movement highlighted under the spotlight. Witness any success story with the enhanced effects from every equipment curated for your eyes only.
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video Services & Equipment's


Unparalleled presentations for the total event experience. Bring marvel & brilliance to each production or presentation that’s sure to bring more than just meets the eye.
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truss Services & Equipments

Trussing & Roofing

Bringing you solid structures & firm foundation for your event requirement, add that to a team committed on bringing about efficiency & quality. SLS is the expert in Large Scale productions.
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stage Services & Equipments

Stage Production

Your vision materialized on any scale possible. Your awe inspiring visuals brought to life. With the latest range of technology & a committed to quality, SLS raises the bar for any production requirement.

The biggest most sought after events executed without a glitch.

Quality service & value for the money.