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Dubai, UAE: Officially part of the 2014 Dubai Shopping Festival, ASAP Live in Dubai launched the partnership of ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel (TFC) Middle East with OSN, the leading pay TV network in the Middle East.

18,000 crowd gathered at Dubai Festival City to witness the world-class concert experience showcased in the first-ever staging of ASAP 19 in the United Arab Emirates, which was graced by over 40 Kapamilya stars, led by Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Vina Morales, Zsa Zsa Padilla and Kris Aquino.

Facing the requirements of ASAP, A. Macaluso, Sound Engineer of SLS Production had to design a system to work for a live audience and also capable for a live broadcasting, which brought on challenges on setting up the audio system for the audience.

The system was composed of left and right 2 array of 16 cabinet of Vertec 4889 and 2 array of Outfills composed by 6 cabinets of Vertec 4888. 36 Subs 4880A were set ground stacked with 2 rows of frontfills. The frontfills in front of the main stage were 8 cabinets of Vertec 4887, and on the front stage were 4 cabinets of 4887.

These elements were designed because of wide seating areas and the nature of a live broadcast which had to have VIP and guests very closed to the performance area which meant of using different elements for the P.A.

For the stage, set up of 4 array flown of 4 cabinets each of Vertec 4888, 4 Subs 4880A ground stacked, 8 monitors LE2100 on the main stage, 6 monitors LE400 on the catwalk and other 6 x LE400 on the front stage.

On the backstage, where the artist were waiting for their turn of performance, set up of 2 array of 2 Subs 4881 and 2x 4887A as backfill.

As processors, 2x DolbyLake were used for the Main PA, OutFills and FrontFills. The rest was run by  XTA 448 and XTA226.

The show consists of many performances from different artists which required a large number of wireless mics and InEar monitors. For this reason SLS opted to use 17 UR4D Dual Receiver plus 2 as back up, suitable for 30 UR2 mics and 4 UR1 body packs. All the units were connected to an antenna distribution and on network as well. Because of the large quantity of wireless, frequency scan was performed and opted to use the Axient spectrum analyzer with the assistance of NMK, to do not occur in RF interferences and intermodulation between all the frequencies.

 The engineer of the show,  opted to use a digital console, Digico SD7 supported with an external effect unit rack composed by SPX990, SPX2000 and TC2 Delay.

Recording setup was made for the entire show which consisted of a 70 channel recorded on a Mac Workstation running Reaper. As interface for the console 2 x HDSPe that made possible to record through the Madi port of the console.

Due to the nature of the show,  the production chose to use intercom system made of 2 units of HME DX200, one unit of Clearcom Tempest, ClearCom MS702 and MS704. All these connected to Eclipse System of the OBVan through a 2/4 wire interface.

In the OBVan, Midas Pro6 was put into use, receiving a full split of microphone signals. In addition to the console, one external effect rack made by SPX990, SPX2000, TC2 Delay as well as the FOH Console, was being set.



32 x Vertec VT4889

36 x Vertec VT4880A

28 x Vertec VT4888

01 x Digico SD7 Console

02 x Dolby Lake

04 x XTA 226 & 448



14 x Crown MA5002Vz for main subs

12 x Crown IT6000 & IT4000 for Main Array and Back fills

08 x Crown 3600Vz & 5002Vz for Out/Side fills



01 x Clearcom MS702 Master Station

01 x Clearcom MS704 Master Station

09 x Clearcom RS601 Bodypacks

09 x Clearcom CC40 Single Muff headsets

02 x HME DX200 Master Station

06 x HME head sets

01 x Clearcom Tempest Base station

04 x Clearcom CC-300X4 Single Muff headsets

01 x Eclipse



28 x Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1200

18 x Clay Paky Alpha Spot 1200

16 x Clay Paky Sharpy

15 x Bar\'s of Par 64

44 x LED Par 10 watt

06 x Molefays 8-lite

06 x Arri 2.5k HMI Lights

04 x Arri 4k HMI Lights

01 x Avolites Pearl 2010

02 x Avolites Pearl Tiger



01 x Absen A6 Center screen 8m x 4m

02 x Absen A6 side screens 6m x 4m

02 x Analog Pulse PLS 300 seamless switcher



08 x Sony HD camera

01 x Jimmy Jib

01 x MVS 6000 Mix effects vision mixer

01 x OB Van



01 x 18m x 12m x 1.8m Main stage

01 x 15.8m x 2.44m x 1.8m Ramp

01 x 9.76m x 2.44m x 1.8m Ramp



01 x 18m x 18m x 13m high Box truss Super beam

02 x PA Wings 10m

01 x 12m x 18m x 13m high Box truss Super beam

01 x Mid truss 18m